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Meet the Artists

We don’t do anonymous art. Get to know the creatives behind your favourite designs.

Catherine Fok-Seang

“I’m a final year Visual Communication Design Student at the University of Stellenbosch. I was born to Filipina and Mauritian parents, but South Africa is definitely where my heart lies. I enjoy a variety of different art mediums, but I’m particularly drawn to illustration – I see it as a sense of escape and a means to create a new, unique reality. I love observing and my drawing process is me either documenting or dealing with thoughts I have at a particular moment in time. I believe that less is more and that there is beauty in simplicity.”

– Catherine Fok-Seang

Julie-Ann Smith

Surface Pattern Designer based in London, with a huge love for anything colourful and patterned. Colliding colour, mid century design, architecture and cities into simplistic bold patterns, whilst also creating products for everyday use.

Elana Esterhuyse

Elana Esterhuyse is originally from Cape Town, currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. She is a self-taught artist, and although she has taken a few classes on art and business she has learned most by playing around with pens, paint and Adobe software. Her work is mainly influenced by nature and people in cafes, which provides her with endless inspiration for shapes and colours.

Vos & Ink

“I am a watercolour artist from Pretoria. I grew up in the subtropical bushes of Tzaneen (my heart still lives there). While growing up, I was never considered the artistic child, I only started to draw when I lived in the Netherlands for a year after school. I had one or two watercolour lessons there after, but I consider myself as a self taught artist. I get easily inspired by nature. I love working with warm colours such as greens, reds and yellow. My longterm plan/dream is to become a book illustrator.”

– Alisa Gunter

Patricia van der Merwe

“I have a B.Med.Sc honours degree in Human Molecular Biology and I am currently studying Pharmacy. Art is therapy for my soul. It is my way of processing stress and escaping from reality. Selling art has given me the opportunity to travel and see the world which has opened my eyes to so many new possibilities. As a pharmacist I can help people but as an artist I can enrich their lives. I hope to bring even a little bit of serenity and joy to all who view my artwork.”

– Patricia van der Merwe

Maybloom Studio

“I studied Industrial Design and Interior Design, which allowed me to do what I love, which is creating things with my hands, whether it be creating a piece of furniture or embroidering some pretty flowers, I enjoy it all. At the beginning of 2018 I started a 365 Day Art Challenge, and during this, I started experimenting with Digital Illustration, and it has stuck! I love creating textile designs, and pattern illustrations, in hopes that someday I will create a unique textile range!”

– Jamie-lee Glanville

WKNTZ Design

“I am a graphic designer, born and raised in the green city of Hamburg, Germany. During an exchange program in Cape Town I fell in love… with this city, its vibe and the ubiquitous creativity. I moved to the mother city in 2011 and wake up daily with a smile on my face being grateful to be living among beautiful people and this breathtaking scenery. I draw what crosses my path, where I like using watercolours for their softness and versatility, and what my curious mind likes to investigate in great detail, where I like to use fine liners for more detailed drawings.”

– Sarah Wocknitz


“I am a self-taught graphic designer and co-founder of Pleekō. My passion is designing for print and there is nothing I find more satisfying than seeing one of my designs being turned into a real-life product! My work includes ink drawings, abstract shapes in bold colours, as well as typographic designs.”

– Petro Vivier

Kate Currie

“I am currently a Freelance Graphic Designer from KZN. I graduated in 2016 from the University of Stellenbosch where I completed my BA in Visual Communication Design. I am a minimalist at heart and I am passionate about Design and Illustration and I have always loved pattern making. There is something about symmetry, order and simplicity which really inspires me.”

– Kate Currie

Rozahn van Schalkwyk

Chasing beauty through photography, illustration, filming and design. Inspired by meaningful moments, music you’ll never find on the radio and scenery that hints at a hidden story. Rozahn is a full time Visual Communications Executive with a focus on branding and a passion for story telling through photography & pen illustration.

City Davies

City Davies is a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. Originally from the UK, she currently calls Cape Town home. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, City is a lover of bold colours, exaggerated proportions and everyday whimsical characters.


“Silvan – meaning ‘of or from the woodland’ – is a multi-disciplinary art and design brand founded in 2017 in Cape Town. Currently the brand operates a studio in Hout Bay alongside two similarly focused brands, and retails goods through numerous outlets across Cape Town. The product offering includes botanically-themed artwork and related products, along with knitwear designs. Furthermore, collaborations have seen the brand extend into the fields of interior decor and fashion accessories. The artistic division of the brand celebrates South Africa’s indigenous flora and fauna through a variety of mediums, most notably watercolour paint and fineliner and colour pencil work. The brand is constantly developing new themed artwork, which are in turn adapted into other products such as greeting cards, gift tags and textile art.”

– Pierre Alexei


Gordon Ross is an artist and designer living in Cape Town. He produces colourful paintings and bold designs full of energy and positivity. Gordon is inspired by Pop Art, poster design, and children’s book illustrations. He has worked as a designer in London, New York, and Cape Town creating interiors, textiles, furniture, clothing, movies, and magazines.

Inge van der Post

“I am an artist and the manager of a bookstore, living in Cape Town.
I studied Surface Design at CPUT, where I discovered my love for experimenting with different forms of abstraction.
Inspiration abounds… and I am often surprised at what sparks an idea for an artwork.”

– Inge van der Post

Nabeela Parkar

“Hello, my name is Nabeela Parkar and I’m a high school student and aspiring designer/marketing creative. I dabble in typography, watercolour and illustration. I love working both digitally and physically on paper. To be completely honest, my process is the crazy kind where if and when inspiration strikes, I work like a crazy lady to produce something before it fizzles out. I love working with my own handwritten scripting and have been enjoying playing around with bold colours and 3D effects. I love running, reading and writing and spending all day outside in nature, at my desk with my paints and art stuff or with my favourite people. I also love (read: am mildly obsessed with) plants.”

– Nabeela Parkar

Call It Magic Designs

“Call It Magic was inspired by the beauty and magic of art and design, it’s a platform from which I can share, learn and grow as a designer. I hope my designs bring you as much joy as I got creating them for you.”

– Nqobile Magudulela

Teresa Truda

“I’m an artist from the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley, marvelling at the minuscule and mundane in everyday life. I strive for aesthetic simplicity, which combines with the beauty of my natural surroundings to inspire my art and illustrations.”

– Teresa Truda

Karin le Roux

“I have traditionally used watercolours most of my life but recently switched over to using a Wacom tablet for the flexibility it allows me. I am inspired by the interesting colours and patterns I see in leaves and flowers and love capturing every little detail in my work.”

– Karin le Roux