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Customer FAQ


Can I collect my order instead of having it delivered?

Certainly! Just pick the ‘collect from us’ option when you reach the checkout, and we will notify you when your order is ready to be collected.

Which shipping methods do you use?

For all orders within South Africa, we use a courier service to deliver your order to you at a physical address, such as your home or work address (no P.O. boxes). For international orders, we will send everything via the South African Post Office and provide you with a tracking number. We can also provide you with a courier quote, should you prefer it.

Can I return something if I'm not happy with it?

Yes, you can. Read out more about our Returns Policy here.

Is it safe to order and pay online?

We do our best to make sure that your information is secure when you use our website. Our site is secured with an SSL certificate, which means that any information you send to us is protected from third-party interference. We only use payment methods that are well-known and trusted, and at no point during the payment process do we have access to your credit card details. For more information, please read through our Privacy Policy.

How long will I wait before my order is shipped?

When you place an order with us, in most cases, it will not be shipped immediately. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Our products (with the exception of frames) are printed on demand. To prevent damage to the printed area, the ink needs to be completely dry before we handle the product. The drying process can take up to three days, depending on the media, as well as the weather.
  • We not only print the designs, but we also make all of our products by hand. For posters, canvas and wallpaper, the prints simply need to be cut but for frames, pouches, canvas buckets and t-shirts, a little bit more effort is involved and therefore these take a bit longer to produce.
  • Aside from making products for our online store, we also run a print studio, which means that things can get quite busy at times, especially when we have a lot of custom printing to do. When this is the case, some orders may be delayed.

Having said that, we want to get your order to you as quickly as humanly possible and if we cannot do this within 5–10 days (excluding shipping time), we will let you know of the delay.

How long will I wait after my order has been shipped?

For orders within South Africa, shipping usually takes 1–3 business days via courier if you are in a main area (i.e. a city) and a little bit longer if you are in an outlying area.

International orders are shipped via the Post Office, and may take up to 2 weeks or more to reach you, depending on where you are in the world. We will provide you with a tracking number whenever possible.

Can I send something as a gift?

You most certainly can. To send an order as a gift, make sure that the billing address is your own and the shipping address is that of the recipient.


Can I order a custom product?

Yes, you can! If you would like to see one of our own designs (or something new designed by us) on one of our products, simply pop us an email at If you are interested in any other printed products that are not in our online store, don’t forget to check out what else we can do at

Who makes/designs your products?

All of our products (with the exception of t-shirts and hoodies) are made by us in Somerset West, South Africa. We are a small family-run business with our own digital printer and we make everything by hand. Our t-shirts and hoodies are sourced from a Cape Town-based manufacturer who produce their products by hand, instead of machinery. We then apply the designs by hand using a heat-transfer process.

The designs on our products are created by a variety of different artists and designers to whom we pay 20% of the product price each time one of their designs is sold on our site. This way, every time you order something, you not only support a proudly South African product, but also the artist behind it.

Can I order wholesale and/or become a reseller?

Since our products are designed by many different people, we cannot wholesale all of them. However, all of our own designs and any custom designs you require, are available for wholesale.

Please contact us if you would like us to send you our wholesale terms and pricing. If you are interested in any of the artists’ designs for wholesale, send us an email at and we’ll happily put you in touch with the artist.

Can I come and view samples of your products before I buy something?

Yes, you can. We have plenty of samples on display at our studio in Somerset West.